Disney API is a restful and GraphQL API based on Disney characters. Using this API you can get information on Disney characters.

To start using this API check the docs

The reason behind this project

We are Disney fans and we love Open Source ❤︎

Tech stack

This project was built using Node.js and a MongoDB database both deployed using Heroku. The docs website was built on Gatsby.js and hosted using GitHub Pages.


This project is created by Manu Castrillon, software engineer, nerd, but mostly a Disney fan.


This is an open source project, that means you can contribute to it. Contributing you can help us improve this project so it can be used by more developers.

Check the Backend API and Frontend API docs repositories to contribute.

Copyright notice

We are bulding this project without claiming any ownership about the data or images used on it.

Disney belongs to Walt Disney Company.

This project is Open Source and uses BSD license.

The info has been collected from Disney Wiki.