This API is GET only and no authentication is required to access it.


Base url:

Available endpoints:

  filterCharacter: '',
  getAllCharacters: '',
  getOneCharacter: ''

Get all characters

Get the list of all characters using the /character endpoint.
  "info": {
    "totalPages": 149,
    "count": 50,
    "previousPage": "",
    "nextPage": "",
  "data": [
      "films":["Tangled","Tangled: Before Ever After"],
      "shortFilms":["Tangled Ever After","Hare Peace"],
      "tvShows":["Once Upon a Time","Tangled: The Series"],
      "videoGames":["Disney Princess Enchanting Storybooks","Hidden Worlds","Disney Crossy Road","Kingdom Hearts III"],
      "parkAttractions":["Celebrate the Magic","Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM!"],
      "name":"Queen Arianna",

Query params available:

  • page: The page number to get. Default: 1
  • pageSize: The number of items per page. Default: 50

Get one character

Get the details about one character using the character/:id endpoint.
  "info": {
    "count": 1
  "data": {
    "_id": 308,
    "films": ["Tangled", "Tangled: Before Ever After"],
    "shortFilms": ["Tangled Ever After", "Hare Peace"],
    "tvShows": ["Once Upon a Time", "Tangled: The Series"],
    "videoGames": [
      "Disney Princess Enchanting Storybooks",
      "Hidden Worlds",
      "Disney Crossy Road",
      "Kingdom Hearts III"
    "parkAttractions": ["Celebrate the Magic", "Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM!"],
    "allies": [],
    "enemies": [],
    "name": "Queen Arianna",
    "imageUrl": "",
    "url": ""

Filter characters

Filter a specific character using the character?params endpoint.
    "info": {
      "count": 1
    "data": [
        "_id": 4703,
        "films": [...],
        "shortFilms": [...],
        "tvShows": [...],
        "videoGames": [...],
        "parkAttractions": [...],
        "allies": [...],
        "enemies": [...],
        "name": "Mickey Mouse",
        "imageUrl": "",
        "url": "",


Base url:

Available queries:

  page: Int,
  pagSize: Int,
  filter: CharacterFilterInput,
) {
  items: [Character]
  paginationInfo: {
    hasPreviousPage: Boolean!
    hasNextPage: Boolean!
    pageItemCount: Int!
    totalPages: Int!

input CharacterFilterInput {
  id: Int
  name: String
  films: String
  shortFilms: String
  tvShows: String
  videoGames: String
  alignment: String
  parkAttractions: String
  allies: String
  enemies: String



There's a total of 7438 characters available

Key Type
_id Integer
url String
name String
sourceUrl String
films [String]
shortFilms [String]
tvShows [String]
videoGames [String]
alignment String
parkAttractions [String]
allies [String]
enemies [String]